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Clear Lake County in California is a beautiful part of the country so nature lovers visiting the town of Lakeport will find an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife in the surrounding areas. From lakes and mountains, to fauna and flora the state has much to offer for those who are passionate about the great outdoors whether you enjoy more active pursuits like hiking and boating or more tranquil activities such as fishing or bird watching.

The shores of Clear Lake lie in close proximity to the town of Lakeport and this body of water is home to a wide range of fish and bird species including several different kinds of catfish such as the Brown bullhead, Channel, White and Crappie (both white and black varieties) catfish as well as bass and carp. The latter have been introduced into the lake for sporting purposes by the county’s Department of Fish and Game as the demand for competitive fishing in the area has increased in recent decades. Other species of fish include those native to the waters such as the Clear Lake hitch and the Lavinia Exilicauda which is also known as chi, the name given to it by the native Pomo people. birdsThe tributary streams in the area that run into the lake are host to the Rainbow Trout, Sacramento Pike Minnow and the California Roach as well as the Pacific Brook Lamphrey although these can be more difficult to find as their presence seems to be limited to just one or two of these tributaries.

The basin of Clear Lake also attracts many bird watchers to the area as a great many different species are drawn to the area in large quantities including ducks, waterfowl, coots, geese, ospreys, plovers and wild turkeys. There are several of squirrels in the area too including the gray and ground squirrel as well as the Blacktail deer, skunks, mink, muskrat, raccoons and river otters while even rarer species like the mountain lion or ringtail are occasionally spotted in the vicinity. Endangered species like the Northern Spotted Owl and the Tule Elk also frequent the area however the latter was reintroduced into the environment after it came close to extinction due to hunting during the 20th century while the Cache Creek canyon is home to a large colony of bald eagles. For those who prefer cold blooded species as opposed to furry or feather friends, then there are also many different species of reptiles and amphibians around too such as the California King Snake, North Pacific rattlesnake, the common bullfrog, the North Western Pond Turtle and the rarely spotted giant salamander.

In addition to the wildlife living in and around the shores of Clear Lake, there are many different kinds of aquatic plant life and trees too, with the latter dominating the rugged coastal mountains that surround the lake. Tule, cattail, willow, cottonwood and box elder are among the fauna growing in the creeks and along the shoreline while flora species include the enormous blooms of the cyanobacteria that flowers towards the end of the summer. Forestation areas consist of a wide range of trees including multiple varieties of oak and pine.

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