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Quality Alternative Education Programs

Posted On 12 Sep 2013
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alternativeLakeport Alternative School Enrollment

Alternative education programs offer many benefits to students and parents. Some of these benefits include adapting to health or family needs, parent involvement and participation, taking college-level classes, accelerating academic progress, focus on student interests, and customized education planning. We provide our students and parents with a comprehensive, district-approved curriculum that meets California state standards for grades 2nd through 12th. Learning objectives are consistent with and evaluated in the similar manner offered to any student enrolled in Lakeport Unified School District.

If you are interested in Lakeport Alternative School “Home School,” call our administrative office, (707) 262-3013. We will send you an information packet explaining the program along with enrollment instructions. There is still room to enroll your student(s) for the 20010-2011 school year.

Community Day School Enrollment

The Lakeport Unified School District strives to assure that all students under its authority understand, meet, and maintain their responsibility to comply with school and district rules and policies, participate in the prescribed course of study, and engage in positive citizenship practices.

When there is a breakdown in this responsibility, every corrective effort is made to assist the student in making better personal choices and in recognizing the benefits of engaging in positive personal conduct.

In grade levels six (6) through ten (10), the district-operated schools have made every effort to serve the academic and behavioral needs of its “at-risk” student population through intervention models that may involve student/family counseling, extended school day programs, and/or contact with a school resource officer. If, in the event these strategies have failed, or if a student’s “at-risk” behavior manifests itself as an expellable offense, student due process rights are addressed, and the student is referred to the District Community Day School program.

Natural High School Enrollment

Students entering Natural Continuation High School must be at least 16 years old and be referred to Natural Continuation High School through the Student Educational Achievement Team (known as S.E.A.T) or come from another alternative school outside of the district.

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