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There are many residents in Lakeport, Clear Lake County who take great pride in their lawn and yard areas but unfortunately not all of them have the time, skills and equipment to maintain their property themselves. It is therefore fortunate that there are a variety of companies in the area who specialize in providing this type of work and will be happy to take on any jobs, large or small, that you are unable to do yourself. Whether your needs are for a residential property or a commercial one then you will find several reputable business to assisting you with everything from major landscaping projects to general lawn services.

gardenIf you live in a state that is fortunate enough to have a mild climate, this may mean you have very hot summers so if you have a large area of lawn this will need regular maintenance especially during the hottest months to ensure it is kept in pristine condition. Clark Pest Control & Garden Services are experts in this area so enlisting their help could ensure you keep your garden weed-free and your green turf looking healthy all year round. The company use special custom blended fertilizers that provide only the best nutritional supplements for your lawn so that it retains its color and quality while ensuring that any stubborn weeds are eliminated and won’t grow back again. Their crew will perform regular maintenance for nuisance turf weeds and execute annual applications to prevent crabgrass infestations as well as other problems such as turf-destroying fungus and insects. They will also help you with any similar issues you may have with plants or shrubs and have systemic and topical treatments available to remove fungus and prevent common diseases. Treatments are also available to stop sticky honeydew accumulating on facility grounds so you can be sure that your garden and plants maintain ultimate health and vitality.

In Lakeport itself, there are several companies offering services around the home and garden including J C & R C Yard & Lawn Maintenance who are a small locally owned business operating from Lakeshore Boulevard. This company offers free estimates and very competitive rates for all your gardening requirements whether you need lawn care, pruning, irrigation or even additional features added to enhance your yard such as lighting, fencing or decking. Ray Gill Landscape & Yard Maintenance are situated on Highway 175 in nearby Kelseyville, and also offer a comprehensive range of services of this nature.

If you are looking at a larger landscaping project there are several companies in nearby towns that also serve the city of Lakeport and its surrounding areas. Perhaps you would like your entire yard transformed with a mixture of turf, sidewalks and additional features incorporated such as a pond, fountain or waterfall and if that’s the case then Wheeler Roger Landscaping in Cobb or A 1 Suazo Landscaping in Healdsburg may be of assistance to you. Keough’s Landscaping and Johnson’s Custom Landscaping are both based in Ukiah, and also come highly recommended.

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