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Mendo Lake Lawyers is a group of individual lawyers in Lakeport, California. The lawyers listed on this website each hold their own individual practices and licenses within the state of California and elsewhere. You can use Mendo Lake Lawyers to find a lawyer that will best facilitate your specific legal need.



Specializes in:
– Family Law
– Criminal Law
– Dependency Law
– Restraining Order Defense

Anna Gregorian was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She spent most of her life in or around the Bay Area. Anna Gregorian moved to Lake County in 2008 follow her desire to serve Lake County as a Public Defender. Anna Gregorian is a graduate of UC at Berkeley where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on Society and Legal Studies. She earned her Juris Doctorate at Northwestern California School of Law. For ten years Anna Gregorian has focused on Criminal, Dependency (child abuse accusations aka CPS cases), Family Law and some business. With five years in Lake County Anna Gregorian knows Lake and Mendocino County laws and practices.

Anna Gregorian works hard to develop cases with focus on trial preparation which in turn helps with settlement. There are no short cuts preparing a case for trial should be done right in the beginning of a case. This enhances that ability to obtain favorable settlements. Trial preparation helps in resolving any dispute.

When it comes to working on cases with children, Anna Gregorian has strategies that put the children at the center of any sound resolution in family law or dependency cases. Her strategies are focused and straightforward. She has sound fiscal thinking and keeps your budget in mind.

Anna Gregorian has many connections to experts and investigators. She reaches out to professionals in many locations to bring the best person for the situation at the same time your budget is on her mind.

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Office: 866.4MY.ATTY
Cell: 707.529.4814
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Specializes in:
– Criminal Defense
– DUI Defense
– DMV Hearings

Maintain private criminal law practice and represent clients in Lake, Mendocino, Colusa, and Sonoma Counties. I represent clients charged with DUI, Misdemeanors, Felony, and Strike offenses

​​Completed a total of thirty five jury trials (approximately 17 felony trials and 18 misdemeanor trials), two juvenile petitions, and one Federal DUI bench trial, two writs in the First Appellate District, seven misdemeanor trial appeals, and I am on the Contra Costa misdemeanor appeal panel.

I have represented clients in more than 40 preliminary hearings. I have written and argued suppression hearings, motion to strike prior convictions, speedy trial motions, 995 motions, Pitchess motions, writs of mandamus and prohibitum, habeas corpus petitions, violation of probation hearings, and misdemeanor appeals.
In writ proceedings, I successfully argued that a prior misdemeanor conviction was unconstitutional and that resulted in the charge being dismissed. This relieved the client of his duty to register as a sex offender
In writ proceedings, I successfully argued that mental health records should not be released without a prior hearing in dependency proceedings.
I handled appointed felony cases of all levels of difficulty (including homicide) primarily in the Clearlake court from July 2008 – August 2010.
I assist other fellow misdemeanor and felony attorneys with legal research regularly. Regularly, new attorneys with Lake Legal come to my office for advice on cases and sample motions.
Contributor to California Drunk Driving Law, James Public (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) by Paul Burglin, Barry Simons, and Ed Kuwatch

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Office: 866.4MY.ATTY
Cell: 707.263.8220

The Lawyers of have a wide range of different practice areas. Below is a list of the basic areas of law some of the featured lawyers focus in.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Law involves prosecution by the state or federal government of a person or business for an act that has been classified as a crime. Any act or omission of an act in violation of a public law forbidding or commanding it is considered a “crime.” With the exception of strict liability crimes, most crimes consist of three elements: an act (actus reus), a mental state (mens rea) and the intent to do social harm. Crimes are classified as “misdemeanors” (less serious offenses that are normally punishable by a fine like some traffic violations, petty theft, or possession of a small amount of marijuana) and “felonies” (more serious offenses that warrant imprisonment of one or more years, such as rape, grand theft, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, or homicide/murder).

Family Law

​Family Law is the law relating to family disputes and obligations has grown dramatically since the 1970s, as legislators and judges have reexamined and redefined legal relationships surrounding Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support. Family law has become entwined with national debates over the structure of the family, gender bias, and morality. Despite many changes made by state and federal legislators, family law remains a contentious area of U.S. law, generating strong emotions from those who have had to enter the legal process.

DUI Defense​

In every state, it is a crime for a driver to operate a vehicle while impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs. The specific offense may be called driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating under the influence (OUI), and even operating a motor vehicle intoxicated (OMVI). Whatever the specific title, DUI laws make it unlawful for a person to operate a car, truck, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle. A DUI is unlike most other misdemeanor charges because the prosecution must rely upon scientific evidence in order to prove the case. A lawyer is vital to protecting your rights and your record.

Dependency Law

Dependency Law refers to a land or territory geographically distinct from the country governing it, but belonging rightfully to the country and subject to its laws. For example, the Philippines was formerly a dependency of the United States and Malta was a dependency of Great Britain.

Generally, dependency refers to a relationship between two persons or things where one relies on the other for its support or necessities.

Restraining Orders Defense​

Restraining Order Defense refers to the defense of the party having a restraing order placed upon them. If the petitioning party obtains a restraining order against you they will hold a significant amount of power and leverage over you. This power can be used either justly or unjustly. This party can involve law enforcement in your affairs. Once law enforcement is involved it is very likely that the police will side with the court and the protected party against you. It is vital to get proper council immediately to protect your rights.

DMV Hearings

If you are arrested in this state for drunk driving, the arresting officer will confiscate your driver’s license and provide you with a pink “Notice of Suspension”. This notice acts as a temporary license for 30 days. More importantly, this document also gives you notice that you are entitled to a DMV hearing to prevent this suspension but only if you request it within ten (10) days of the arrest. If you do not contact the DMV within this ten day window, you will forever lose the right to be heard.


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