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Pest control services

Due to the hot summer weather and mild climate most of the year round, some residents of Lakeport California may experience some problems with unwanted visitors in the form of bugs, insects, rodents and the like which they may need some assistance to get rid of. This is nothing to do with cleanliness around the home as pests will find entry points to invade your home in search of food and water – then worse still will continue to flourish and multiply – but it is this that attracts most of them, not dirt or lack of hygiene!

Fortunately there are several reputable companies servicing this area including McCauley Brothers Termite & Pest Services who have been serving the Northern California region for many years, over two decades now. pest-controlThis family-owned and run business is located on Commerce Boulevard in Rohnert Park, and they provide a comprehensive range of pest control and agricultural services. Their friendly, experience technicians are professional and extremely knowledgeable in this field so you can rest assured that they will be able to handle any problems you may be experiencing from woodworm to termites and raccoons to rodents. They can also assist you with any related problems you may have in the garden such as fungus in your trees or foliage so you can enjoy your property in a totally pest free environment. The company is fully insured and bonded to comply with all legal requirements as well as being fully certified by the state and all staff have to complete background checks and drug testing to assure their customers can have ultimate peace of mind. They also operate a ‘green’ policy and all materials and products used by this company have been authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency in this respect.

We Care Pest Solutions is another reputable company serving the Lakeport area and they are based on Bellam Boulevard in San Rafael. Licensed, fully bonded and insured, their fully trained staff will help you get rid of any unwanted visitors scurrying around your property including ants, spiders, termites, fleas, bees, roaches, ticks, pantry pests, mice and rats. Remember once pests have found their way into your home they will be in no hurry to leave unaided so you will need some expert help to eliminate them. Aside form any physical damage to your home, pests can spread germs and cause a number of related problems to your family and pets too including irritating allergies so it is best not to leave these untreated for any length of time or you may end up with an even bigger difficulty that will be harder and more costly to resolve. Luckily, this locally owned company has over thirty years experience in this area and offers a variety of methods to locate the hot spots as well as the entry points, using a range of environmentally friendly products, chemicals, traps and glue boards all at very reasonable rates.

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