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Like any homeowner across the country, security takes precedence for Lakeport residents in California’s Lake County as the need to protect our property and family is a concern that affects all of us so it is important to find a reputable company in this business that can provide us with this peace of mind. You may even be looking at protecting your own business premises and are considering a security system for a commercial property instead so if that’s the case, you can rest assured that there are several dependable companies in the area that are highly regarded for their work in this area. Whether you require a burglar or fire alarm system installed, alarm monitoring, intercom and access control or even the installation of a state of the art surveillance system, you will want to ensure that you are using a reputable company that comes recommended by others who have been satisfied with security services provided in the past.

Gossett Alarm have been operating security services in Lakeport and the surrounding regions for over three decades since they were established by local owner Michael Gossett back in 1982 are fully licensed by the State of California as a C-7 and C-10 electrical contractor. securityResidential security systems are available for a wide range of homes and not just permanent properties as alarms can be installed and programmed to suit everything from summer and mobiles homes to motor homes and camping trailers. While many consider it more necessary to protect their property when they are away from home, more and more are now looking at security systems for when they are there – particularly during the night when the family is asleep – so knowing that they are safe from any potential intruders gives peace of mind that is worth any expense incurred by installing a good alarm. Systems available from Gosset include motion and glass breakage detectors, that are also immune to pet activation, and can differentiate between the family dog and a burglar, as well as sensors for all entry points such as doors or windows and hi-tech photo beams if desired. This company also offer additional alarm services for your home than will summon emergency services to your home if the need arises and these include monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and silent and audible panic buttons while swimming pool alarms – detection devices for life safety purpose have recently been decreed as a legal requirement for all new pools installed in the state – are another of their specialties.

Clifton Security Services are also based in Lakeport on Whalen Road and offer a similar range of services for all your home protection needs including room to room intercom installation for new parents who want to keep an ear open for a sleeping baby in another room and remote monitoring. The latter include systems with the latest computer equipment and best automation on the market, complete with back-up including generator and battery systems to take over during if the power fails in your property.

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