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Outdoor activities around Lakeport

If you are planning a trip to Lakeport in Clear Lake County, California and enjoy outdoor activities then you will find plenty to keep you occupied in the surrounding areas starting on the shores of nearby Clear Lake. This is a favorite spot among locals and tourists alike for a wide variety of water sports including swimming, sailing, wind surfing, waterskiing, boating and other popular summer activities.

clear-lakeBoats and smaller, personal water crafts such as jet skis are available to rent from any of the outlets around the lake and business is especially busy during the summer months. Water sports enthusiasts flock to the area in droves to take advantage of the 160km of shoreline available around the lake and there are 11 free boat launch ramps available for public use along the shore so why not take your family out for the day and explore the many coves and beaches that are situated around the lake. However, if this appeals to you, it is worth knowing that the county has imposed a law that all boaters must adhere to before taking to the water. This involves an official inspection prior to launch to ensure that no Dreissenid mussels have attached themselves to the boat’s hull as these have proved to be such a huge threat to other wildlife in and around the water, that steps were taken to prevent them from spreading into the lake. The presence of the invasive Hydrilla water weed is also controlled considerably thanks to extensive administrative efforts not to spread it in Clear Lake or any other bodies of water in the county.

Fishing is also a popular pastime for many in the Lakeport area and fishing boats as well as other equipment for this sport can be rented at one of the many businesses operating on the lake’s shores, all of which offer a wide rang of different facilities. Many fishing tournaments and other competitive events are held here throughout the year too and the lake is often referred to as the Bass Capital of the West” due to the large quantities of the Largemouth species which have been farmed in its waters and planted here for this purpose by the California Department of Fish and Game. There are also several different species of catfish in the water as well as rainbow trout too. Many visitors also enjoy catching and cooking their own lunch or dinner cooked over an open fire on the beach or in one of the lakeside cabins that are available for rent, thanks to the abundance of fish such as the black bass that are frequently caught in the area. Most of the popular locations around the lake provide a docking area for a boat as well as a swimming area with a beach which is perfect for a family picnic. Both locals and visitors to the lake will often enjoy a shallow swim to cool off during the hotter months however the water temperatures during peak summer periods can get very warm and reach up to 80 degrees.

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