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Lake County is one of the most beautiful parts of the state of California and Lakeport is the ideal place to use as a base to explore everything this busy tourist region has to offer. The area is just a two hour drive from San Francisco, the Pacific Coast and Sacramento Valley, and as one of the states latest and most up and coming wine regions, many tourists come to the areas to visit the wineries that can be found in abundance across the county. In addition to the vineyards and bustling wine producing industry, the area is also popular with those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bird watching and watersports in and around the scenic beauty of Clear Lake its surrounding state park. The Clear Water State Park also home to an ancient volcano — Mount Konocti — which now forms part of a popular hiking route that has recently been opened so that visitors to the area can enjoy its spectacular vistas.

crazy-creekLakeport also has two museums that are dedicated to the history of the region which are both informative and interesting for those who prefer more educational pursuits however, for those who prefer more daring pursuits then Crazy Creek Air Adventures on Grange Road in nearby Middleton may be more what you are looking for as they offer something completely different. Adrenaline junkies in particular will love these exhilarating adventure rides. This family run business has been operating in the area for over forty years and offer the ultimate in gliding experiences. Imagine soaring like a bird taking in the panoramic views of the area that include one of the oldest fresh water lakes in the country, ancient volcanoes and geothermal steam clouds rising through the air as a result of the many natural geysers in the area, not to mention the spectacular vistas of the Napa Valley Wine Country. Flying conditions tend to be good all year round thanks to the mild climate in the state so why not take to the air in a sleek glider plane if you are visiting Lakeport and experience a birds eye view of everything this magnificent area has to offer. Gliders can be booked for single or double passengers and prices start at $149 for a solo twenty minute ride or $199 for two people.

The Black Chasm Cavern is one of the areas many natural landmarks and contains rare helictite rock formations, which are a secondary mineral deposit formed in caves, as well as flowstones scattered with stalactites, draperies and the like. Helcitites are unique in that their axis changes from a vertical growth direction at some point while they are forming that results in a more curved or angular shape that gives it the appearance of having defied gravity during its growth. However, it is more likely that these have formed naturally as a result of liquid— that has accumulated from many minute drops of water coming together — flowing through very narrow gaps in the rock without the assistance of external forces. Guided tours of this astonishing natural phenomena are available throughout the year and this 50 minute walk will take you down into cave via stairs and twisting walkways where you can view the walls of this fascinating cavern at first hand.

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