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Posted On 02 Aug 2013
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While there are several major airports in the state of California, visitors heading to Lakeport in Lake County may find their options rather limited, especially if you are coming from further away, nationally or even internationally. The only airport in the area is Lampson Field so if you are arriving at another airport then you may be looking at a much longer drive to reach your destination.

This public airport is situated in close proximity to Lakeport, three miles south of the town in the western part of the county and just over two miles from the edges of Clear Lake. It is a small airport that covers just 68 acres with just one runway however the facilities, while somewhat basic, include all you need to relax or freshen up before your flight. At present, the airport has a restaurant and several rest rooms however there are several proposals under review to include additional facilities to improve airport services overall including a Pilot Lounge and a larger public rest room area to be situated in the small building that currently lies between the restaurant (the Sky Room) and LASAR (Lake Aero Styling and Repair) which can be identified by the “Mooney” sign outside.

flightRestroom facilities at present consist of a port-a-potty that can be found close to the visitor parking ram by the rotating beacon there so multiple, modern rest rooms are included in the plans for improvement. These plans also include new hangars to be placed in the western section of the airport, close to the taxi way that is currently in operation now on its south side and county officials have been approached about the idea of converting privately owned hangars for this purpose due to an increase in the number of aircraft based here. Plans for a “cross” runway to co-exist with the current one was approved several years ago for Runway 16 which will operate in a north-south direction and related new taxiway would also be built on the east side of the new runway and west of all existing hangars that are presently situated on both the north and south sides of the airport. Unfortunately completion plans for these are all still some way off due to current restrictions to FAA funding.

Currently this airport operates a 24-hour Fuel Services which can be found 24-hour Self-Service 100 LL just north of the runway. However, if you are using this facility it is worth noting that this is regularly used by the REACH medical transport helicopter which is based on the north approach end of the runway, close to the fuel pumps so there is often frequent activity by jet helicopters as they respond to emergency situations as they arise across the county. Parking is available on the south side of the runway, right in front of the Sky Room and LASAR and overnight costs are very reasonable at just $5 for single engines and $7 for multi-engine vehicles. Payments for this should be made via the County box that is mounted on the front of the building accommodating the Pilot’s Lounge.

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