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Welcome to the community of Lakeport, located on the western shores of Clear Lake California. Our community is the oldest community (incorporated) in Lake County, and is also the county seat of Lake County California. Lakeport was incorporated in 1888. Throughout the city of Lakeport you will find several commercial areas that include a historical downtown area which was designated a California Main Street City by the state of California.

lakeportLakeport has a population of just under five thousand people, with the city’s racial makeup consisting of over 80% white, 16.88% Hispanic or Latino, 3.1% Native American, 2.1% Asian, 1% African American and a small percentage of other races of various descent. It covers an area of 3.2 square miles most of which is land with just over 4% of water and the city is situated on a sediment-filled valley next to Clear Lake, which is one of the oldest lakes in North America. This natural fresh water lake in the heart of California’s Lake County has several tributary streams running into it as well as springs that originate in Soda Bay. However, it has only one outlet and this is Cache Creek which in turn is assisted by the Cache Creek Dam (created in 1914) that enables the lakes capacity to increase and thus its outflow is regulated. At its widest point the lake is around 31 km wide and covers a surface area of over forty thousand acres with an average depth of 27ft. This lake is also quite unique as its creation is entirely due to a geological fluke as it is situated on a very large slab of stone which gradually tilts towards the north at the same velocity that the lake itself fills in with sediment, resulting in the water levels remaining at a consistent depth.

lakeport-2Temperatures in the city of Lakeport and the surrounding areas remain fairly moderate most of the year however the area has very hot dry summers combined with cooler wet winters. The winter climate can drop as low as below zero on occasion but snow is very rare in the area with the exception of the surrounding mountains where it is relatively common. January is one of the coldest months seeing a maximum temperature of just 11.9 °C however the hottest months like July and August will see temperatures rising to over forty degrees centigrade although an average high of around 90°F tends to be the norm. The area does see a lot of rain with an average annual precipitation of 28.36 inches with around 66 days a year seeing a fair degree of rainfall

Economy is the Lakeport region comes predominantly from agricultural activities particularly in the Big Valley and also Scott’s Valley where there is an immense industry that consists of the growth and harvest of food and crops. Nut crops in particular are abundant in this area however recent years have also seen an increase in the growth of grape crops as the popularity if wineries and the wine industry in general continue to develop at a considerable rate. A charming old world attitude and surroundings, coupled with friendly people and a forward thinking outlook make Lakeport California among the best places in California to visit, to work or to live.

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